Ganga Expedition

Vávra's challenge
121 km for 121 Bangladeshi children

Vavřinec "Vávra" Hradilek
olympic and world champion in canoe slalom

Who is Vávra paddling for?

Slalom canoeist Vavřinec "Vávra" Hradilek, Olympic medallist and multiple world champion, 
will be paddling down the Ganges in a borrowed kayak in Bangladesh.
121 km to support 121 Bangladeshi children from the Chalantika slum.

Chalantika is located in Dhaka, a city of 20 million people. It is built over a swamp, and made of bamboo, planks, and corrugated iron sheets. It is home to 10,000 of the poorest people.

Vávra is not going to Bangladesh for medals, but for a better future for the slum children.
The humanitarian organisation ADRA and people like you are sending them to school.


Accept Vávra's challenge. Donate!


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Give food, education, medical care, or even everything to the children in Chalantika! :)

All children should have

the same starting line

Because even the poorest children in the world
deserve a basic education

From an early age, children from the slums of Bangladesh perform adult duties: working in textile factories and shops, labouring in brick factories, taking care of the household and younger siblings, and sometimes even begging. The parents usually don't earn enough to support the whole family, nor the cost of school.

One in three slum kids in Dhaka is out of school, putting them at high risk of child labour and abuse. School is a chance for children to experience a real childhood.

Education gives children the opportunity to find better-paying jobs in the future and to break out of the cycle of poverty and social disadvantage they inherited from their parents.

ADRA has therefore been running the Čalantika slum education centre in the capital Dhaka since 2013. Children there are taught not only regular school subjects but also basic hygiene, health prevention, and education, for example on early marriage and pregnancy.

In another project BanglaKids, which has been running for 23 years, ADRA now supports 1,300 children who study in the village and boarding schools all over Bangladesh thanks to Czech donors.

I want to support
121 slum children!
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Hungry children do not learn well. Let's give them at least one nutritious hot meal a day. Without it, they can hardly concentrate on their schoolwork.

For every 10 EUR we raise, we buy lunches for one schoolchild for almost a whole month!


There is no medical care in the slum. Therefore,
we provide regular medical check-ups and medicines to the children. Their health is our priority.

For 20 EUR we can provide check-ups and buy medicine for one schoolchild for a year!


Teachers patiently explain the subject matter
that the children learn. And when they have textbooks, they can repeat it at home.

A donation of 30 EUR for each schoolchild covers the cost of school supplies and the teacher's salary for six months.


We need two schoolrooms. Rent, utilities,
equipment, day-to-day operations and
sanitation for so many children costs money.

A donation of 40 EUR for each schoolchild covers half a year's costs of running the centre, where children come for lessons and their parents for educational courses.



Expedition Ganga 2022 was a success!

Order of winners at the finish line of Expedition Ganga: 1. Children from Chalantika slum! 2. 3. Vávra! :) For the 121 children of Chalantika slum, we kayaked more than 121 km down the river with Olympian and multiple world champion Vávra. 


It has a purpose!

During our expedition we met children who have successfully completed primary school thanks to the Chalantika Education Centre. What have we learned?

Ganga expedition
in media


Ganga Expedition in the Czech Television

"This is not Bali, nor Pukhet. This is Bengal. It's a completely different Asia from the one in the travel agency brochures..." This is how the documentary by Martin Vrbický, who was part of the Expedition Ganga team, talks about Bangladesh. Through the camera, he shares what his eyes have seen and what has touched his heart.


Vávra in radio "Radiožurnál" with Lucie Výborná

" In my opinion, when I was reviewing what you've been through, I was thinking, this guy's been through two big things this year. One, he was world champion at the World Extreme Kayaking Championships and two, he was in Bangladesh." says Lucie Výborná in an interview with Expedition Ganga hero Vavřinec "Vávra" Hradilek.